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Automotive Distribution Network Partners With SMP on Technician Training


Technicians working under the umbrella of the Automotive Distribution Network recently honed their skills in identifying module failures and performing flashes on replacement modules across a variety of vehicle models during Standard ProTraining’s hands-on, two-day Flash Programming class at SMP’s corporate center in Irving, Texas.

“As part of The Network’s initiative to provide technicians with expert training to keep pace with emerging, complex technologies, we’re proud to offer our service-dealer customers access to the slate of renowned seminars at Standard Motor Products state-of-the-art facility,” said David Prater, president of The Network. “These technicians, including attendees from Parts Plus Car Care Centers around the country, returned to their respective shops with the ability to pinpoint a problem with a faulty module and perform a flash on its replacement for models manufactured by Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Toyota – jobs which used to be performed primarily by dealerships.”

Jake Piotrowski, a technician at Integrity Automotive, a Parts Plus Car Care Center in Middleview, Michigan, admits he was initially intimidated by the flash-programming process, despite the potential benefits of prolonging the lifespan of the engine and improving fuel economy for the customer. Nonetheless, Piotrowski says he graduated with newfound confidence, thanks to class instructor Jeff Masterman, who’s successfully transitioned from ASE-certified technician to shop owner to world-class trainer and manager of technician training development at Standard over the course of his 30-plus-year career.

“I was flat-out scared to be honest,” said Piotrowski, who attended the class with his brother and fellow technician Colin. “This seminar not only taught me when and how to diagnose a bad module but also how to identify the root cause of the problem, plus how to flash or configure a new one and how to reset the car’s anti-theft system. Jeff Masterman explained complex things in a way that alleviated my fears a great deal and put me at ease as the class went on. Now I’m actually looking forward to performing a flash on a vehicle.”


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