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Automotive community helping shop owner after devastating fire


Automotive community helping shop owner after devastating fire

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — It’s been nearly a month since Rego’s Auto Service was destroyed by a fire.

At the time, Robert Rego told Eyewitness News, he had only owned the business for 3 years, after renting garage space in Rehoboth for more than 15. 

After the late night fire on Nomember 26th, a small box of charred tools is all that remained.

But on Saturday morning, the automotive community came together to support one of their own, surprising Robert Rego at the temporary garage in East Providence he’s been working out of since the fire.

“Never met him in my life it’s just like I said, the original broadcast when you see his customers going up to him and emotional, you just know he’s a good guy. And it just tugged at my heart, so we had to do something,” Brad May of Brad’s Auto Service said.

A special delivery pulled up with a brand new chest filled with thousands of dollars worth of tools.

“It’s a start, hopefully it will help, just to see the look on his face made me happy,” May said.

“That was amazing you know, I never expect that in my life you know, there’s a lot of people out there that, show their support,” Robert Rego said.

Rego and his wife Jean are the type of people who give and don’t typically receive.

“I’m the type of person, I love to help people, but I don’t ask for help,” Jean Rego said.

But from the moment their business burned down, help has been pouring in.

“I was devastated.  Robert’s been a longterm friend,” Robert Romanoff said.

Within days of the fire Robert Romanoff converted some empty space at his business Stateline Auto Sales and Service, into an autobody shop for Rego.

“They’d take the shirt off your back for you, do anything for you, I can’t speak highly enough. Nothing bad about these people,” Romanoff said.

“Maybe this will tug at someone else’s heart and want to help somebody else that’s in need for a different situation and make the world a little better,” May said.

Rego says he hopes by this time next year that he’ll be back at his old spot in Seekonk.




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