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Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade


You wouldn’t take care of grass that’s too long by tearing off the end of each blade, would you? But that’s exactly what a dull lawn mower does, leaving the torn grass vulnerable to sun damage and disease. You could sharpen your mower blade with a file( it takes forever !), a rotary tool or a bench grinder, but we’ll show you how to do the job with an angle grinder. It’s fast and easy. If you don’t own a grinder, they don’t expense much to buy and can be used for all forms of other tasks too.

To sharpen your lawn mower blade, you’ll need a socket or wrench to fit the blade nut. Tough nuts may call for a breaker bar and/ or a penetrate lubricant. You’ll also need two fastens, a block of timber and, of course, an slant grinder with a metal grinding blade.

Proper sharpening technique with the angle grinder Safety precautions before the commencement of


Start by disconnecting the spark plug wire. Next, place a piece of plastic( a sandwich pouch works well) under the gas cap to prevent gas from leaking out of the ventilate pit when you tip-off the mower. Tip the mower so the side with the carburetor faces up.

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