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New Chevrolet Onix Is Yet Another Compact Sedan For China


Chevrolet has pestered its new Onix compact sedan for the Chinese market prior to the vehicle’s upcoming debut at the Shanghai Auto Show next month.

To most readers, the nameplate may be new, but the automaker has been selling the current Onix across South America for the past six years. While it remains to be seen if that current model will be killed off by this new vehicle, Chevrolet says the new Onix will specifically target demand of the automaker’s Chinese customers.

Beyond GM’s official( shadowy) teaser, leaked images reveal that the compact sedan in full. It sports a large divided front grille as well as curved faux air uptakes on either side of the front bumper. At the rear, the new Onix has simple taillights and a large cut-out for the license plate. Customers will be able to opt between a number of different trimming levels, including a sportier Onix Redline.

This particular model will be the sixth Redline model sold in China, joining sporty versions of the Equinox, Cruze, Orlando, Malibu XL, and Monza.

While GM published a single teaser image of the model, Chinese media has leaked a few tiny/ low quality images of the model( see above ), confirming that it will have black wheels, black wing mirrors with red accents, and a black front grille and Chevrolet badge.

It is reported that the China-bound Onix will be offered with 1.0 -liter turbo and 1.3 -liter naturally-aspirated engines. Power will sit at 114 hp for the 1.0 -liter turbo and 101 hp for the 1.3 -liter.

“The Onix continues the momentum across Chevrolet’s vehicle lineup that targets the ever changing and diverse needs of our China customers, ” general director of Chevrolet for SAIC-GM Scott Lawson said of the new Onix.” It will attract those who demand overall performance and value.”

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