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This Hilarious Car Mod Takes The Cake For Dumbest Way To Beat The Summer Heat


Summer’s nasty heat is in full swing, which means that decision-making prowess is at its lowest point.

Leaving dogs and kids in hot cars is at the top of the “please don’t do that” list, but if you peruse the internet, you’ll definitely find some funny hacks that fall pretty high up there as well.

With a lot of these, you have to wonder what exactly that person was thinking, which was definitely the case when police officers in South Yorkshire, England, found a car with the top sawed off.

The owner really wanted a convertible, so they took things into their own hands.

Facebook / Rotherham North LPT

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They modified the vehicle in order to enjoy a nice, cool breeze while on the road.

But when Rotherham North LPT discovered the car, they found it had no insurance, making it completely unsuitable for driving.

After they had no luck finding the owner, it was off to the crusher!

(via Distractify)

Let this be a lesson to all of us: Just because we can do something doesn’t mean that we should.

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