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Diabetic Dad Blacks Out With Kids Locked In The Car, Then His 6-Year-Old Saves His Life


Michael Sherman was at the park with his kids, just enjoying the day. Then, he started to feel a little bit woozy and wobbly.

Sherman has diabetes, and needs to very carefully monitor his blood sugar levels. His young son, Ryder, asked him if he was feeling ok, wondering if maybe his blood sugar was too low.

Lo and behold, it was. He took his son and his 6-year-old daughter, Makena, to the car so that he could have a snack and raise his blood sugar levels back up to a healthy number.

But, it was already too late.

As soon as Sherman stuck the key in theignition, the child locks clicked on in the backseat. Then, everything turned black for Sherman. He had fainted, and his two children were locked in the backseat of the car.

If Sherman didn’t get medical attention soon, it was very possible that he could have died. Every second that ticked by, his time was running out.

Luckily,Makena saw Dad’s phone on the seat next to him, and called 911 to get her father help. She managed to keep her cool in a very, very scary situation.

When Sherman woke up, he’d been pulled from the car, and paramedics stood over him, working to get him to the hospital as fast as they could.

He made a full recovery, escaping with nothing worse than a busted up face.But, his daughter is definitely going to get whatever she wants for her approaching birthday.

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