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David Lynch: The Art Life portrait of the auteur as a young man


The maverick film directors life story is less intriguing than his oeuvre might suggest

In this documentary about the maverick director of Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, among others, the directors paint a portrait of David Lynch built on his background in visual art. Lynchs story is told entirely in his own words, a voiceover made up of interviews alongside footage of him in his workshop, like a tiny figurine of a joker with a disembodied head that he moulds and paints himself. He speaks of the huge worlds in these two blocks that he grew up on and the first time he drove a car stoned, mesmerised by the freeways white lines. Fans will make connections with Lynchs personal anecdotes and the images they know from his films, but watching the artist explain his work is never as interesting as the art itself.

Watch the trailer for David Lynch: The Art Life.

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