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9,000 Lb Elephant Seal Throws All Of His Weight On A Car While Owner Helplessly Looks On


Generally speaking, elephant seals keep to themselves. But, it’s probably safe to say that this big guy isthe exception.

The massive seal is a southern elephant seal, and lives in California. The largest elephant seals can be 20 feet long and weigh up to 9,000 pounds. As the BBC broadcaster says, elephant seals rarely encounter people, but when they do, they really throw their weight around!

Southern elephants are the largest of allseals. The male elephant seals are the super giants, weighing three times as much as female elephant seals.

No word on why the male in this video attacked the car, but he likely thought the car was his competition for a mate. Male elephant seals often fight over the smaller females.

(That is, after all, why most men come to blows.)

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